Tuesday, November 9, 2010

chasing after unattainable people

Young Jean Lee writes: Want to be a part of UNTITLED FEMINIST MULTIMEDIA TECHNOLOGY SHOW? Come to the New Museum this Friday and let me pick your brain in person about femininity, masculinity, monogamy, chasing after unattainable people, attraction (or lack thereof) to "nice" people, and a bunch of other stuff.

A Proposition with Young Jean Lee at the New Museum, Friday at 7PM and Saturday at noon (with special guest Justin Bond). Young Jean Lee will bring the audience into her creative process as she explores the issues and themes in our current work in progress, UNTITLED FEMINIST MULTIMEDIA TECHNOLOGY SHOW (UFMTS). She will describe the inception and progress of UFMTS and guide a collaborative conversation, engaging the audience in the same style of brainstorming and discussion she uses with the actors of Young Jean Lee’s Theater Company.