Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Heartbreakingly lonely spots of light

At the Chocolate Factory, Andrew Dinwiddie (whom you may remember) is performing the text of an old Jimmy Swaggart record.

Helen Shaw (who can actually write a sentence, which is a charming quality in a critic) says: "Lighting designer ChloĆ« Brown occasionally leaves Dinwiddie in heartbreakingly lonely spots of light; we want to rescue him. And when director Jeff Larson and sound designer Jon Moniaci pipe in the subaqueous sound of an audience murmuring in congregational agreement, it’s terrifying to sense how close we are to nodding along ourselves."

Andrew Dinwiddie - Get Mad at Sin! a Message to the Young People of Today by Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart as Preached at the First Assembly of God in Van Buren, Arkansas